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In this page you can read more about who is behind the initaitve Young Europe. All partners behind the project share complementary strategic objectives, which suit the project. This is particularly objectives relating to improving understanding of the European community, the EU, and its institutions among European citizens; increasing active European citizenship and participation; ensuring adequate representation of all segments of the population; and working for a sustainable European future.

young europe

The purpose of the “Young Europe” project is to mobilize European youth from all regions of Europe and enable them to engage in European issues. The purpose is to empower a generation of deeply engaged youth to take back control of shaping their future on the basis on youth-to-youth-training, best-practice-sharing and creative and non-formal learning based on the folk high school philosophy of democratic educational measures as well as making use of online resources to create a pan-European network of Young Sustainable Democracy Builders. Through this increased sense of involvement, ownership and engagement it is our belief to be able to counter-target the worrying trends of distrust and fear of the future by strengthening the experience of youth empowerment in concrete policy making policies and trans-national youth networks.  To be able to achieve the purpose, the project contains of different activities that you can find un this side.


Nina Clausager

Project Manager in Nyt Europa and Young Europe (Denmark)


Sanne Bruun

Project Manager in Ecomon and Young Europe (Spain)


Julie Rosenkilde

Director of Nyt Europa (Denmark)


Sarah Terkelsen

Head of Communication at
Nyt Europa (Denmark)

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