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20th to the 26th of May 2024

let your voice be heard!

The future belongs to the youth – therefore we want to strengthen the voice and influence of the European youth by inviting you to take part in a week of learning and debating European history and challenges. At the end of the week, the wishes of the youth will be presented to politicians and relevant stakeholders ensuring that the voices of the European youth will be heard before the European Parliament election in June. Apply now – participation and travel are free. We look forward to seeing you.

Don't know if you want to participate? Take a look at this video from the last Young Europe is Voting in 2019

Due to a limit of 60 participants from Europe in ​Young Europe is Voting, the applicants must live up to a few important eligibility criteria. Please send your application and we will get back to you as soon as possible and no later than week 12 to let you know if you got the spot on this year's ​Young Europe is Voting!

  • Applicants must be between 18-30 years old at the time of applying

  • You must live in Europe – but you don’t have to be an EU citizen.

  • Include a short motivational message about why you want to be a part of
    Young Europe is Voting (box in the application)

  • List your priorities of topics from 1-6 (1 is your favorite)

shared values

The Young Europe is Voting project is based on a set of shared values, from which we build our programs around. Our organization supports human rights, and inclusion and sustainability are at the core of all our programs. 

We are committed to building a diverse network that inspires individuals of all backgrounds – across nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, languages, ages, genders, and prior experiences
– to bring their full selves to the work of creating a more progressive, democratic and sustainable Europe.

The EU values of inclusion, tolerance, justice, solidarity, and non-discrimination prevail in our work, and we do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, racism, or other discriminatory practices in our programs.

If you sign up to Young Europe is Voting, we expect that you respect these values, and actively contribute to creating a space where these values are implemented. 



When do I have to apply?

As soon as possible but no later than March 15th, 2024.

When will I get an answer?

As soon as possible, and no later than March 22nd, 2024.

I don’t know a lot about the EU or the upcoming European Parliament election – can I still participate?

Of course! The keyword here is engagement, not knowledge.

Who can participate in
Young Europe is Voting?

This project is for people from ages 18-30 living in Europe. You don’t have to be an EU citizen. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a spot in this year’s Young Europe is Voting for citizens who live outside of Europe. You cannot participate if you are not between 18-30 but please see our other interesting projects here: Other projects

What does it cost to participate?

Participation is free. So is travel, if you travel by train We will provide all participants with an Interrail Global Pass. You can read about it here: Interrail EU. You will have to book and pay for your interrail ticket yourself, and then we will reimburse it when you arrive at the project in week 21. Some trains require seat reservations which is not included in the covered price.

You will be able to travel by rail from any country in the EU. The ticket will give you either a ‘4 travel days within a month’ or a ‘7 travel days within a month’ interrail pass - see the list of countries below. You can do so on the Interrail webpage or directly at the train company.

Book your interrail ticket as soon as you get the participation confirmation from us to ensure a seat. We do not refund any extra costs related to booking/planning the trip too late (e.g. plane tickets) 

4 days of travel within a month:

  • Denmark

  • Spain

  • Portugal

  • Germany

  • France

  • Luxembourg

  • Belgium

  • Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Croatia

  • Schweiz

  • Slovenia

  • Austria

7 days of travel within a month:

  • Bulgaria

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • Hungary

  • Latvia

  • Lithuania

  • Poland

  • Romania

  • Slovakia

  • Sweden

Contact us if you live in one of the following countries:

  • Greece

  • Republic of Cyprus

  • Ireland

  • Scotland

  • Malta

  • Other island-based countries

How can I use my
interrail ticket?

The ticket is to be used for transportation to and from Denmark.
With that being said you have either 4 or 7 travel days over a month which means that you can
spread the traveling days over one month – the period starts on your first travel day.

One travel day is 24 hours.

You can split your journey to Denmark taking stops along the way if you like.


- You live in the Netherlands in Amsterdam. You receive a ‘4 days within a month’ interrail global pass.

- You can use 1 travel day to travel from Amsterdam to (for example) Hamburg in Germany
and stay a few days exploring the city.


- Then you will use your 2nd travel day to travel from Hamburg to Denmark
and spend an amazing week in Denmark at Young Europe is Voting.


- We will say goodbye on the 26th of May and you can then use your 3rd travel day
to travel to Berlin and visit your new friend that you got during the week.


- Then you can use your 4th and last travel day to travel from Berlin back home to Amsterdam.
All within one month. Amazing, right?

I am not able to travel by train – what do I do?

If you are not able to travel by train, we can help. Please contact us at

I do not wish to travel by train – what do I do?

If it is necessary for you to travel by flight due to a time schedule or
if you do not wish to travel by train you will have to plan and accommodate this.

Which days should I arrive and depart from the venue?

Arrival: Monday the 20th of May 2024

Departure: Sunday the 26th of May 2024.

You will have to be able to participate for the whole week.

If you arrive before the 20th or depart after the 26th you need to find and pay for accommodation yourself.
We only cover accommodation from the 20nd-26th of May 2024.

What is the exact
location of the venue?

Will I be picked up when I arrive in Denmark or do I have to find my way to the school?

You will receive a pickup location when you receive the program in week 18. Students/teachers from the school you will be staying at will pick you up at the nearest station and take you to the school.

How will we be
accommodated at the schools and at the shared venue?

At the schools, the sleeping areas will either be dorms, rooms, or in tents. This is up to the schools to decide.
More information will follow when you receive your confirmation of participation.


At the second part of the week at the Summit we will be sleeping in both inside- and outside locations.

How do I communicate with the other participants before the project?

We will create an online chat in Discord which you will receive a link to in week 14. Here you can talk
and organize with fellow participants and travel together.

What expenses will be
covered and which will
I have to cover myself?

The interrail ticket to the destination and back, a week at the school/summit, and meals at the
school/summit are covered when you participate in the Young Europe is Voting. 

Transportation from your home to the train station is not covered.
But check the interrail pass for local and regional train options that are included in the Pass.

Will I have to arrive on the 20th  of May or can I leave before the 26th of May? 

Since the program is made from the 20-26, we ask you to arrive on the 20th and stay until the 26th.
We kindly ask you to arrive on the 20th no later than 5 pm.

I would like to arrive earlier or stay longer in Denmark

If you want to prolong your stay in Denmark you will have to organize and cover extra days yourself.
It is not possible to arrive earlier at the schools or stay at the Youth Island afterward. 

I would like to upgrade my interrail ticket:

You might want to travel for longer than a month and visit more locations.
We will only cover the amount mentioned in the guidelines (countries) above.

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