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privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of the Young Europe project. 

y signing up til this event you allow Nyt Europa to use your sign-up information to be used to document your participation in transnational events funded by the European Union.


Nyt Europa and partners will take pictures and videos during your participation in an event to be used online, in printed material, on social media or for other parts of the project. If you do not want photos / video taken of you for the stated purposes, you must notify the photographer / responsible part before or at the event. If necessary, Nyt Europa will share your personal information’s with partners within the context of Young Europe is Voting project and the Fundamental Rights Initiative which is the overall framework for this project. If your information is shared with a partner, the partner will be regarded as a data processor and Nyt Europa the data controller.


The purpose of this process is to ensure the management of the project that you have signed up for. The acceptance of our processing of your personal data is a prerequisite for your registration and subsequent administration of your participation.


The sign up for our events is the legal basis for processing your personal data during a five-year period. Cf. the Data Protection Regulation article 6, paragraph 1, point f.


Recipients of personal data, including third-country transfers:


We only share your personal information with a third party when we are liable by law or in case of supplying the experience that you have ordered in relation to Young Europe is Voting.


Nyt Europa has signed a data processing agreement with Nemtilmeld to ensure that your information is handled in accordance with the principals of the General Data Protection Regulation when you sign up for Young Europe is Voting 2024 via Nemtilmeld. Nemtilmeld will also inform you on how your information is handled when signing up. Nemtilmeld is therefore the data processor and Nyt Europa the data controller.


Nyt Europa has signed a data processing agreement with to ensure that your information is handled after the principals of the General Data Protection Regulation when communicating by e-mail with Nyt Europa. administrates the e-mail system of Nyt Europa and is therefore data processor. Nyt Europa has the responsibility for the content of the domain of Nyt Europa as well as the personal information found in the e-mail system and is therefore the data controller. You can always ask Nyt Europa to delete an email you have send us, if it is not relevant to manage your participation and membership.


Nyt Europa has signed a data protection agreement with Microsoft to ensure that your personal information is stored securely on Microsoft cloud solution OneDrive. Microsoft is the data processor and Nyt Europa the data controller.


To the extent that we manage personal information outside the EU/EEA. The data processing happens in accordance with standard contractual provisions as put forward in the General Data Protection Regulation.


If new partners join Young Europe is Voting and it becomes necessary to share your information to deliver the experience you have requested, Nyt Europa will enter into a data protection agreement with that entity.


When do we delete your personal information:


Information gathered in connection to your communication with Nyt Europa, your inquiries and requests will be deleted when they are no longer necessary for the ongoing consultancy.


Gathered information will as reference be deleted 5 years after the conclusion of the calendar year in which the agreement was entered. Information can be kept for longer time, i) if we have a legitimate interest in storing information for a longer time, ii) if necessary, for a legal claim to be determined, is claimed, or defended, iii) or if the storing of information is necessary in order tomeet legal requirements. 


Accounting material is stored 5 years until the conclusion of a fiscal year to meet the requirements of the law of accounting.


Information gathered in connection to your registration to Nyt Europa will be deleted when and if your agreement for participating is withdrawn or terminated. This applies to your registration for an event and for processing your connection to Nyt Europa via. Membership.


We will store your personal information for contact to other similar events held by Nyt Europa. See 9.4.1


To see more about your data protection rights please visit Nyt Europas privacy policy here:


Young Europe is Voting is co-funded by the European union and is a project under the Fundamental rights Initiative which is a initiative in collaboration with Globalt Fokus.

To access the comprehensive privacy policy of Nyt Europa, click here.

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