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power to the youth

We are proud to present ‘Young Europe is Voting 2024’ a European Folk High School event prior to the European Parliament Election that strengthens the voice of the European youth. This week-long event will bring together the voices of young Europeans eager to explore, share, and learn about our shared European history, and design ideas and aspirations for the future.

Through a week 100 young Europeans from different EU countries will be visiting 10 Danish Folk High Schools in groups of 10 students per school. Throughout the week they will join 10 students from each school and they will explore the history that shaped Europe. Furthermore, they will shape ideas for the future of Europe.

The week's last days consist of a shared summit that will inspire and prepare 200 youth participants to bring their ideas, dreams, and aspirations to the forefront.

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by equipping the
European youth with knowledge, skills, and a powerful network we aim to facilitate their participation
in decision-making.


we will ensure that the voices of the next generation are not only heard but also integrated into the European political landscape. 


Young Europe is Voting is a unique opportunity that equips young Europeans with the knowledge and tools needed to come together and bring the voices of the European youth
into the future.

young europe is voting 2019

For a week 200 young people met in Denmark, working together to strengthen the voice of the European youth prior to the European election in June 2019. 100 young people from all over Europe and 100 Danish folk high school students met and joined forces around the issues concerning youth in Europe. The themes were: ’Youth under Pressure,’ ’Culture & Identity’, ’Climate’, ’Refugees & Migration’ and ’EU in the World.’

young europe is voting 2024

In May 2024 200 youths will meet in Denmark prior to the EP election.  Throughout a week they will debate the topics most important for them to shed light on for the new parliament. We want to use our historical understanding as a powerful tool to navigate the present and create a brighter tomorrow and therefore the topics are ‘Decolonization’, ‘Migration and Minorities’, ‘Democracy and Civic Space’ ‘War’, and ‘Climate.’

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