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a strong, united european youth

Young Europe connects the European youth, strengthens their voices and encourages them to speak up, taking part in the creation of our European future. We believe that we are best equipped for the challenges ahead if we stand together to find solutions and learn from each other. Therefore, we have created a community of young people, who can meet, discuss, and develop new ideas and solutions for our Europe, empowering a generation of deeply engaged youth to target the challenges of the present as well as the future.

We believe the European youth hold the blueprint to create their desired future. Each young European holds significant experiences, ideas, and dreams, affecting how they create the world around them, and thereby the European landscape. We have created a network to connect all of these people and ideas, allowing us to share experiences, have the very best discussion, and reflections to create sustainable solutions to shape our shared world.

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With a deep focus on
youth-to-youth training,
best-practice-sharing, and creative and non-formal learning based on the folk high school philosophy of democratic education, we seek to strengthen the youths’ voice and influence.

By strengthening the experience of youth empowerment in concrete policy-making policies and transnational youth networks, we secure an increased sense of involvement, ownership, and engagement. The European youth unites through the following initiatives making them stronger and better equipped to engage in European issues.

make your
voice heard

'Make Your Voice Heard' is a collection of advocacy tours to different locations around Europe, where we meet and discuss why and how young people should be listened to and how access to democratic practices should unfold in the coming years.

folk high school

For a week, youth from all over Europe will gather to debate, learn, create and to make their voice heard on the future of Europe. Participating in the European Folk High School will give you a pan-European network to further support their work as youth changemakers.

academy of change

In the Academy of Change, we collectively search for solutions as well as alternative approaches to bring about the change we wish to see in the world. We do this through talks, knowledge exchange and co-creation of political recommendations.

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